Why I Drink Celery Juice

This simple drink is magic. The benefits of drinking celery juice first thing in the morning are incredible.

First, it acts as a detoxifying agent in your body. It can disarm and weaken bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals from your body.

Second, it improves digestion and cleanses the body.

It helps reduce bloating, muscle spasms, brain fog, anxiety, and clears up your skin like nothing else. I make three 16 ounce jars at a time, put them in the refrigerator, and drink one each morning before my morning coffee. I have no brain fog, sustained energy throughout the day, and less muscle soreness.

I use a Breville juicer and begin by cleaning the celery. Then I run it through the juicer, and strain it one more time when I pour it into the jars (I use the 16 ounce mason jars with lids).

Try it for month and let me know the difference it makes in your body.

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